Oxford SU backs ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit deal

A 'People's Vote' refers to another referendum on Brexit, with the public having the option to reject the final deal in favour of remaining in the EU


Oxford SU has passed a motion to back a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal at a meeting of Student Council this evening.

The vote commits Oxford SU to campaign for another referendum on the issue of Brexit and mandates Oxford SU president Joe Inwood to urge the two Oxford MPs to do similar.

Cherwell understands the motion passed with an overwhelming majority.

A ‘People’s Vote’ is the popular term used to describe a second referendum on the issue of Brexit, with the option to reject any proposed Brexit deal in favour of remaining in the European Union.

Proposer of the motion and chair of pro-remain campaign group Our Future Our Choice Oxford, Dominic Brind, told Cherwell: “I’m delighted that the SU has backed a People’s Vote on Brexit. Nearly two thirds of undergraduate students did not get a vote in 2016, and it’s outrageous that they could be denied a vote on an issue of such huge importance for their future.

“It’s become clear since 2016 that the University will be hit hard by by Brexit: the university has sounded the alarm on threats to research funding. Access to the Erasmus programme could be lost, and life will be made much harder for EU national students. So many SU policies on issues which students care deeply about – on air pollution, the NHS, and gender equality, for example – will be affected by Brexit, and it is great to see the SU campaigning for students to have an opportunity to reject a deal that could negatively damage their lives in so many ways.

“I’d encourage everyone to join us marching in London on the 20th October: free coaches will be leaving from Oxford. Let’s take back control of our futures and fight for our voice to be heard.”




  1. I edit an anti brexit website http://www.brexitskeptic.co.uk and would like to run a piece on this story – OFOC and FFS are key elements we want to publicise. Please could I have a quote from Joe Inwood and can you ask Dominic Brind to get in touch as there is a meeting of anti brexit groups in Oxford in November which his local group might like details of

    sincerely trevor fisher


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