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Hello! I post archived Cherwell content from our old website.

Corbyn coming to Oxford

Oxford Labour announces rally with Labour Party leader at the end of March

Distancing yourself from reality

Markus Beeken tells us his experiences of being in a long distance relationship at uni

Everyone say ‘Yah’ to a ‘Gap Yah’

Christian Bell thinks everyone should go on a gap year, even if it won’t change your life

No whine about no wine

Niluka Kavanagh tells us about her positive experience of dry January

Turns out I ‘reely’ cannot dance

Christian Bell tells us about his experience of the Oxford Reeling Ball

Cambridge college criticised for Japan-themed ball

Criticism of Trinity Hall's 'Tokyo to Kyoto' ball follows controversy over college ball themes in Oxford

The dangerous ignorance of Baroness Bakewell

Róisí­n McCallion explains the willful inaccuracy and potential harmfulness of Baroness Bakewell's comments on the condition

What next for OULC?

OULC's newly elected BME Officer argues that student politics is not a game and highlights the need for the Club to revive its campaigning mission

Preview: Orphans

The Experimental Theatre Club promises a tense exploration of societal divide

Poetry Bites: HT16 week 8

This week to end our series Cathy Go writes about mornings, a cruel time all of us must eventually face — even in the vac


Merlin: The magic of kindness

Exploring the continuing relevance of BBC's Merlin

Bake-sale held in protest against Oxford’s gender pay gap

Due to the gender wage discrepancies at the university, from today onwards women in the university are ‘effectively unpaid’ until the end of the year. 

NI abortion rights must be a UK policy

Lobbying your MP could help change the lives of thousands of women

The Band Review – ‘heartwarming and nostalgic fun’

The new Take That inspired musical a great testament to the great British boyband.

The Witching Hour

A séance themed photo shoot