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    Hello! I post archived Cherwell content from our old website.

    Words – Cherwell fiction

    Fiction: 'She tosses the burning end over the edge of the cliff. We watch it fall, hit rocks softly, anti-climatic.'

    Heaney’s Aeneid: When is a Translation not a Translation?

    Benn Sheridan discusses Heaney's Final work, a translation of Aeneid Book VI, and finds Virgil a little bit upstaged

    The 162nd Varsity Boat Race: Live Blog

    Follow our live blog for regular updates on the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race!

    Calais: the camp of forgotten conflicts

    Sophie Dowle shares her experience of the Calais camp and explains the unremembered struggles that lie at its heart

    Review: Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

    Daniel Curtis was more impressed than depressed by Iggy Pop's latest

    A time for European solidarity

    Franco-Belgian student Olivier Santin reflects on questions of identity and the need for greater European unity in light of the Brussels attacks

    Brussels: An attack on Europe

    Antonio Gottardello reflects on the nature and the intentions behind the Brussels terror attacks

    Grumbling gets access nowhere

    Charles Clegg argues that impressions of Oxford as a posh boys' club are misleading and hamper efforts to widen access

    Saïd blacklisted by Barclays bank

    The founding benefactor of the Saïd Business School and his associated charity, The Saïd Foundation, have been blacklisted by Barclays

    A troubling relationship: the UK and Saudi Arabia

    Alex Walker examines the government's refusal to face up to Saudi Arabia's appalling human rights record

    Corbyn coming to Oxford

    Oxford Labour announces rally with Labour Party leader at the end of March

    Distancing yourself from reality

    Markus Beeken tells us his experiences of being in a long distance relationship at uni

    Everyone say ‘Yah’ to a ‘Gap Yah’

    Christian Bell thinks everyone should go on a gap year, even if it won’t change your life

    No whine about no wine

    Niluka Kavanagh tells us about her positive experience of dry January