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Not your average park and bark

Chris Graham chases down Oxford’s leading opera company

Chris Graham conducts the Oxford Philomusica

Our rookie conductor takes the podium to lead Oxford's finest symphony orchestra

Time to face the Philomusica

Chris Graham takes to the podium to conduct Oxford's finest symphony orchestra

In the closet

Effortlessly arrived

In praise of folly

Chris Graham meets the ever articulate Lewis Lapham, legendary editor of Harper’s Magazine NYC.

In the Closet

Deeply superficial

In the Closet: A fresher introduction

Cherwell's most dapper dresser offers some fashion advice for Oxford's male freshers.

Seventy-two hours in Syria

Politics, male culture and the World Cup

Something for everyone?

Chris Graham considers whether there is anything a man could love about haute couture.

Our Man in Southern Lebanon

Chris Graham meets the Lebanese military and has lunch with Hezbollah.


True West Review – ‘this is truly sweet suburban silence’

Sam Shepard's play explores the tensions behind the American Dream.
Cartoon sketch of Karl Lagerfeld in the style of a barbie doll

Chanel Métiers d’Art: the star-spangled update Lagerfeld needed

Chanel's latest show sees Karl break out of the comfort zone in unapologetic extravagance.

Oxford’s pledge to support estranged students receives mixed response

Only students registered as estranged are eligible for the full bursary

From Deontay to Divock: a ‘Super Sunday’ done right

'Why can't all 'Super Sundays' start on a Saturday night?'

Airbrushing is a practice that reinforces unattainable societal norms

Jameela Jamil is right: airbrushing does nothing but make us miserable, it should be banned