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Magdalen temporary library sparks student concern

Magdalen's library redevelopment has left some students without a workplace as Trinity term begins

Investigation: Sex in Oxford

Is Oxford getting any? C+ investigates the sex lives, masturbation habits and relationships of Oxford students

39% of Oxford students have had unprotected sex

C+ looks at contraception, STIs, and students’ attitudes toward sexual health

How does OUSU spend our money?

Cherwell analyses OUSU's finances

What does OUSU really do for Oxford students?

With Oriel JCR having recently voted to disaffiliate from OUSU, Cherwell asks what role Oxford's student union plays

Question and answer with OUSU President Tom Rutland

C+ chats to OUSU President Tom Rutland about the role of the student union

Cherwell investigates study drugs in Oxford

VIDEO: Are students tempted by study drugs that claim to improve concentration?

Question and answer with Regent’s Rabbits

C+ discusses Regent's Rabbits, a female drinking society at Regent's Park, with Queen Bunny Beth Hibbert and Princess Bunny Henna Shah

"Disproportionate coverage"?

How does the press treat drinking societies? C+ investigates

Drinking societies – a relic of Oxford?

Following last term’s drinking society controversies, C+ investigates the role drinking societies play in Oxford today


Keble students stranded after accommodation cock-up

Undergraduates have been ordered to postpone their arrival due to new graduate accommodation awaiting completion

‘No Offence’ and ‘Antinuous: Boy Made God’ at the Ashmolean

A review of the museum's latest exhibitions which are dedicated to telling LGBTQ+ stories

Fandom: democracy or tyranny?

Hollywood's decisions have become increasingly determined by internet fandoms

70% of students only drink to fit in, says NUS survey

Almost half of the survey’s participants claimed that prior to starting university they had a perception that students spent most of their time getting drunk.

Oxford ranked as Britain’s least socially inclusive university

Just one in ten students at Oxford view themselves as working class while over 60% of students went to a private or grammar school.