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Ready, Steady, Cook! Tesco Finest Paella

James Coppin bought a paella and ate it and it was good

Ready, Steady, Cook! Uncle Ben’s Sweet and Sour Rice Time

James Coppin eats a pot of rice and it has other stuff too

Ready, Steady, Cook! Beef and tomato Pot Noodle

James Coppin thinks Pot Noodles are salty and sweet

Ready, Steady, Cook! Sainsbury’s Macaroni

James Coppin succumbs to his weakness for cheesy pasta

Ready, Steady, Cook! Fray Bentos Steak Pie

James Coppin wants to impress you with his supermarket tinned pie


The UK’s education system is unfit for purpose

Myopic obsession with academic attainment harms student welfare and reduces the education system to a game

Worcester College building shortlisted for Stirling Prize

The £9 million Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre is in the running for the most prestigious architecture award in the UK

Britain is too desperate for affection

If Britain wants to be treated with respect, it needs to stop whining about a 'special relationship'

Government threatens Oxbridge with sanctions over access

The two universities were among only three institutions to have conditions placed on their registration with the Office for Students

Fashion brands must end their wasteful behaviour

Burberry's track record indicates that more must be done to address the frequent destruction of unsold products