Ready, Steady, Cook! Tesco Finest Paella



Five Stars

For this week’s review, I considered trying to find the middle ground between a cheap run of the mill meal and an expensive one, so I went for a Tesco Finest Chicken, Chorizo and King Prawn Paella. Where this lands on the aforementioned spectrum is a subject of debate, and is not what I am going to argue in this review.

Preparation consists of nuking for a few minutes then stirring before eating. The first few mouthfuls of rice were a lot tastier than I originally expected, as it tasted very similar to a freshly cooked paella. On top of this, the chorizo has quite a spicy kick (a huge plus for me, considering how much I like chorizo). The mix of meats brings an interesting change of texture to each mouthful, which meant that the meal stayed enjoyable throughout. All of these factors lead to only one criticism that I have, and that is the stereotypical ‘I wish there were more of the meal to eat’. In terms of health and nutrients, there is a worrying amount of energy, fat and salt, but considering the flavour of the paella, it is certainly still good comfort food.


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