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Review: The Homecoming

After the play finished, a few good friends walked towards me. “Wait, so what happened?” My friend Alex’s facial muscles were contorted. “What the...

Liberalism is dead—now it’s time for action

Lael Hines expresses her shock and disgust at Trump's election and argues we need to start fighting back

Clickbait: We know what you’re thinking…

Five totally socially unacceptable things you secretly think about doing in public

A look back at seasonal gluttony

From the comfort of the New Year Lael Hines speaks about one of her most dramatic festive experiences

Clickbait: Ten most cringe-worthy vac moments

Cherwell Life brings you the first blog of 2016...

Home or Roam: Brooklyn, heart of NYC

Lael Hines discusses brie, urine and vegan cafés in Brooklyn

Stuck and stranded in Paris

Lael Hines steals wine and cheese, and hopes for the best when plans go wrong.


Collage showing textile waste and impacts of the fashion industry on the environment

Fast fashion means a slow death for the planet this Christmas

Kat Cooper explores the true environmental cost of high-street fashion
A woman walks down a snowy path with trees lining it. She is wearing a coat and carries a black bag over her shoulder.

Making myself at home

"When you're here for most of the year, making this city your true home is a feat that seems impossible."

Union refute Purple Turtle allegations of “childish” behaviour

According to the Union, negotiations were only "impeded by the impossibility of an agreement on rent."

Oxbridge must take responsibility for ‘systemic’ access issues

A centralised admissions system and greater contextualisation could offer a solution

Eight private schools dominate Oxbridge admissions

The Sutton Trust suggests universities introduce a 'geographic element' to admissions policies