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News summary – 1st week

The first instalment in our new series in which we summarise the most important news in Oxford each week. It has never been so...

Mortarboards deemed too dangerous to throw

Mortarboards to be photoshopped in at UEA after injury concerns

Qatar funds new scholarship

High level dignitaries from Qatar visited Somerville College to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to provide funding for at least four new Qatar Thatcher Scholarships. The guests were greeted...

Oxford researchers look into cure for blindness

Clinical trials of gene therapy for inherited blindness have shown promising results. Research from the Oxford University, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has shown promising results...

Oxford researchers warn against new power stations

Energy companies can only go on building new coal and gas power stations for one more year if the world is to meet its...

2016 in technology: what will be the next big thing?

Philip Pope predicts the exciting changes in the world of technology that this year will bring.

The Cherwell Encyclical: HT16 0th Week

Wild boar runs away from Corbyn cabinet offer

The Cherwell Encyclical: opportunities of the new year

I would make a philosophy pun, but I Kant


A picture of the recurring glyph in Black Mirror that is an upside down Y and is the symbol used by Stefan when creating his routes in his game.

So that’s how Bandersnatch works, but did it snatch our respect?

From a design perspective, Bandersnatch falls into a lot of traps. Choices are quite infrequent and always binary, whereas it's standard for most interactive fiction games to allow you to choose almost every line of character dialogue. Isabella Welch discusses whether Bandersnatch is revolutionary or just manufactured hype on part of Netflix.

What’s on: Txking Oxford by Storm

TxkeOff and Land’s visit to Oxford will no doubt bring a new energy to the city, offering an elite clubbing experience to all its attendees with live artists performing
a stack of children's books in a wooden box

Knight Of: read the one percent

Juliet Garcia covers the launch of Knight Of's crowdfunding campaign, centred around BAME children's literature.

Is “straightwashing” the new “whitewashing”?

Llimiting actors to their sexual demographic is not the way forward: it would hurt LGBTQ+ actors far more than it would straight ones

Andy Murray – the champion we didn’t deserve

A sportsperson who never forgot his roots, Murray endured horrible vitriol to become a role model both on and off the court