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OUSU to decide on Free Education Demo

OUSU forced to reconsider support for Demo following NUS withdrawal

NUS withdraws support for Free Education demo

NUS President and Vice-Presidents decide to stop supporting demo due to 'unacceptable level of risk' to members

OUSU joins the march to adopt Free Education policy

OUSU Council votes to adopt Free Education, following JCR mandates and much debate

Investigation: JCR Spending

JCRs come in all shapes and sizes, and each approaches spending in its own way. C+ investigates the variations in JCR spending allocation across Oxford

Confusion at OUSU over Free Education vote

OUSU Council commits £200 to subsidise transportation to London Free Education demonstration

Union considers rule change on complaints

Proposed changes include automatically suspending officers arrested on criminal charges and removing criminal conduct as grounds for impeachment

NUS adopts support for boycott of Israel

NUS NEC votes in favour of amended motion supporting Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel

By-election to be held for Carfax City Council seat

A by-election for a vacant Oxford City Council in Carfax ward has been scheduled for Thursday 4 September 2014

Is the student loan sell-off an issue for students?

Following the announcement by Vince Cable that the Lib Dems will no longer support the sale of £12 billion worth of student debt, Cherwell looks at how much of an issue this is for students

Open letter criticises London Student closure

A group of journalists have written an open letter asking the University of London to reconsider its decision to stop funding Britain's largest student newspaper


City Council Blasts Oxford Union over Le Pen Invite

Oxford City Council accused the Union of a “pattern of endangering community safety by inviting fascists into the city.
Footballer Kevin Ellison on pitch wearing red Morecambe kit

Pantomime villain turned mental health hero – Morecambe’s Kevin Ellison

‘Harry Potter, he’s coming for you’ roar the Exeter fans as Morecambe’s veteran forward Kevin Ellison receives the ball on his customary left wing....

Wealthy students escape the turmoil of spiralling student debt

A report by UK think-tank the Intergenerational Foundation has found that the current student loans system in England disproportionately impacts students from low-income backgrounds. The...

John Frusciante: Water under the bridge

A profile of the reclusive virtuoso
An aerial photo of the Sydney Cricket Ground during a Test match between Australia and India

Sledging Down Under: Australia’s latest war of words

Australia's sledging has evolved in the aftermath of the ball-tampering scandal last year