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    Robert Walmsley

    A Short History of the Cherwell

    Preface This series of articles is written in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the Cherwell newspaper or, as it was first published in 1920,...

    Cherwell History Pt 6 – A Near Death Experience

    A series of unfortunate events threatens the paper’s survival

    Cherwell History Pt 5 – Office Space

    The paper becomes embroiled in scandal and loses its home

    Cherwell History Pt 4 – ‘The Cherwell Renaissance’

    A struggling publication is resurrected in a new form

    Cherwell History Pt 3 – The Early Paper

    A fledgling paper defends its independence in the chaos of the interwar years

    Cherwell History Pt 2 – Two Rivers, Two Publications

    Nearly a century of rivalry begins between the Cherwell and The Isis

    Cherwell History Pt 1 – The Founders

    From the trenches of the First World War to the quads of Oxford

    Vice-President for Graduates resigns

    OUSU Vice-President for Graduates Yasser Bhatti has resigned, citing family reasons

    New report puts OUSU under scrutiny

    Report on performance of OUSU officers finds improvements still needed for some.

    OUSU still backing Free Education Demo

    Despite health and safety concerns, OUSU Council reaffirms its support for the demonstration

    OUSU to decide on Free Education Demo

    OUSU forced to reconsider support for Demo following NUS withdrawal

    NUS withdraws support for Free Education demo

    NUS President and Vice-Presidents decide to stop supporting demo due to 'unacceptable level of risk' to members

    OUSU joins the march to adopt Free Education policy

    OUSU Council votes to adopt Free Education, following JCR mandates and much debate

    Investigation: JCR Spending

    JCRs come in all shapes and sizes, and each approaches spending in its own way. C+ investigates the variations in JCR spending allocation across Oxford