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Cherworld: Trinity Week 2

In Robin's last appearance before a brief finals interlude, he and Sophie tackle two important issues: the advisability of mixing savannah animals with intoxicated students, and the shame of falling behind LSE in the international rankings

Welcome to the (very Tory) jungle

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Tory big dog Lord Heseltine talks to Robin McGhee

Adventures with Tintin

Robin McGhee talks to Tintinologist Michael Farr about the magic of Hergé's creation and Spielberg's latest film

Re-living Stalingrad’s horrors

Master of militaria Antony Beevor tells Robin McGhee the secrets of writing the Second World War

Cherworld: Week 4

Cherworld is back! New host Sophie Jamieson joins the perennial Robin McGhee to discuss the latest results from our Oxford attitudes survey. This week they talk cheating and plagiarism in Oxford.

Pardon my French

Robin McGhee finds himself wet, not in Switzerland, and distinctly unimpressed with the 'things to see' on a holiday to Savoy

Cherwell’s Fresher A – Z

A is for Arrival. You are not good enough. You never were good enough, you never will be good enough and it’s all a terrible joke. Ah well, Cherwell’s here to help. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Wage protestors invade Tescos

Living Wage protestors talk to Tescos staff and shoppers about increasing wages

Great people, shame about the sheep

Robin McGhee likes the Welsh but the glorious landscape leaves him cold. And very very wet

Interview: Richard Dannatt

Richard Dannatt, former head of the army, talks to Robin McGhee about the past and future of Britain at war


Union prepares for Bannon protests

Hundreds are expected to protest at the Union, after yesterday's tense vote sees the Bannon event go ahead

Jesus College accused of controversial evangelical group ‘cover-up’

Jesus is now the third Oxford college to have hosted Christian Concern in recent years, along with Exeter and Trinity, whilst LMH is currently considering whether or not to host the group

Students raise safety concerns over ‘extremely frightening’ Park End queue

“It was an extremely frightening experience; several people were experiencing panic attacks."

Don’t confuse free speech with hate speech

The Union’s series of predictably shocking speakers are anathema to our values

Union Standing Committee vote to continue with Bannon event

Officials voted narrowly to not cancel the event, despite pressure from student groups