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Misanthrope: celebrity journalists

Misanthrope turns his wrath on celebrity journalists for a last dose of vitriol before Easter

Blagging the news: The French Presidential Election

Perplexed by political postulation? Cherwell is here to help you perfect your chit-chat.

Hunt for the perfect state

Sammy Talalay contemplates the implications of the government's involvement in non-political affairs

Interview: Jeremy Leggett

Jeremy Leggett talks candidly to Sammy Talalay about the impending energy crisis

India suffers for Rushdie’s silence

Sammy Talalay argues that protecting free speech needs to be knee-jerk if it is to be effective

Misanthrope: The 2012 Olympics

Misanthrope shares some thoughts on why to be excited about the Olympic Games in London

Fame, fortune and philosophy

Robert Winston talks to Sammy Talalay about his career as an academic, researcher and thespian

Jon Snow: ‘I’m just a tawdry old creep’

Sammy Talalay takes a seat at the table with Jon Snow to talk about his recent foray into film

Blagging The News: Republican primaries

Perplexed by political postulation? Cherwell is here to help you perfect your chit-chat

Should gay men face extra restrictions when giving blood?

Sammy Talalay looks at the recent changes to the law with regards to blood donations and the vexed balance between protecting the public and not being overly discriminatory


The Threepenny Opera Review – ‘both unsettling and wildly entertaining’

Faye Heron reviews this term's Playhouse show which she finds serves to bring up important social issues whilst simultaneously being vigorously entertaining

First CofE vicar to be in same-sex marriage becomes LMH chaplain

Foreshew-Cain quit as a vicar in 2017, citing the "institutional homophobia" of the Church of England

Plush faces imminent venue closure

The future is uncertain for the popular LGBTQ+ venue

SU welcomes students responding to Gender Recognition Act consultation

The SU also made its own submission to the consultation incorporating contributions from members

Anti-racist groups to protest AfD leader’s visit to the Union

Stand Up to Racism Oxford argues the party ‘built up its following by stoking up racism against migrants, Muslims and refugees’