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“A bold and unapologetic production”

Surya Bowyer is frustrated by a powerful production of 'Suspiria' which comes so close to greatness

‘Jackie’: simply a mishandled film

Surya Bowyer is unstirred by Natalie Portman’s performance as America’s sweetheart

Review: Silence

Surya Bowyer is impressed by Scorsese's latest cinematic venture, a long and taxing, yet beautifully moving work

Review: Me & Mike

Surya Bowyer is stunned by this highly innovative piece of theatre

The Art of Our Time

Surya Bowyer looks at Pembroke College’s new exhibition

Warhol in fresh light

Surya Bowyer reviews the Ashmolean’s Andy Warhol exhibition.

An odorous tone of graveness

Surya Bowyer has some qualms about the O'Reilly's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

An escape into lostness

Surya Bowyer is impressed by awards contender 'Room'

All spectacle, no substance

For Surya Bowyer, Quentin Tarantino's latest venture fails to live up to its hype

An artist’s obsessions

Surya Bowyer reviews the Barbican's eclectic new exhibition of artists' personal collections


Tolkien fans visit Oxford to celebrate author

The four-day event will include a Hobbit bake-off

Exclusive: Jude Law to speak at Union

The BAFTA-winning actor will appear with Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day, to promote the initiative, which works for an annual day of ceasefire and non-violence worldwide

Oxford historian discovers new letter sent by suffragette

The letter was written in 1905 by Annie Kenney, the first suffragette to be imprisoned in the campaign for the vote

App launched to help new students navigate Oxford

The app features the presidents of Oxford SU, the African and Caribbean Society (ACS) and the Dramatic Society, as well as the Bodleian librarian

Oxford Club Couture

Feathers, latex, or pyjamas: the dress code for Oxford clubs knows no bounds