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Wednesday, January 17th

Fashion Team Profile: Amy

Q & A with Cherwell's brand new fashion team!

Quaintrelle Anarchist

AERYNN interviews student Isabelle Crossley of Pembroke College about her online business, Quaintrelle Anarchist

Style on the Street: New York City

Daniella Shreir explores street style in the fashion capital.

When Fashion and Art Converge

Ciara Downey discusses the parallels betwen art and the fashion industry

Meet the team…

This term's Lifestyle Team showcase some of the latest trends - hunt down these key pieces over the Easter hols.

Review: Topshop’s ‘Urban Traveller’

Grace looks at Topshop's latest line of festival chic. Expect plenty of rhinestones, tie dye, prints, sequins, and studs

Demure vs the Cure

Girly versus grunge

San Francisco’s spanish silhouettes

Jen Glennon takes a look at the exhibition which honours the extraordinary work of designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga

Who do you dress for?

Cherwell's fashion team discusses the motivation for our fashion choices

Cosmopolitan Rush

Living fast, living en vogue