Friday, March 22, 2019

Gant: Change the world, not the shirt

Cherwell Fashion collaborates with GANT for the Michaelmas fashion supplement

In the Closet

Deeply superficial

Power Up

This week we celebrate the power of androgynous fashion and its capacity to reshape workwear.

A Guide to Black Tie (sort of)

Let us remember the slip-ups, the expense, the rules, and all that we love about wearing black tie

Feminism and fashion with Leomie Anderson

Nicole Rayment gets an insight into the life of a truly atypical Victoria’s Secret Angel, discussing the world of fashion and her new brand LAPP

Making the shift from ‘model’ to ‘role model’

Francesca Salisbury looks at the rising trend of models who are breaking the narrow model mould

Just Kids

Cherwell Fashion takes a more laid back approach to style.

Ski Chic – Varsity Stash!

Sports luxe meets ski chic in our warming and wintery Varsity stash shoot.

You look so Nordic today

Aini Putkonen examines the key elements of Nordic fashion and considers how style can reflect cultural identity

Summer Day Dreams

TT 2013 - Issue 3
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