Council opens new hub to tackle homelessness

The hub will be used by multiple groups focused on reducing homelessness, including St Mungo's and Crisis

Hillary Clinton delivers keynote address at Oxford human rights conference

The former presidential candidate spoke on the relevance of human rights in our increasingly illiberal global climate

Lidl to set up Oxford German graduate scholarship

The company will also sponsor a new competition, the Lidl Undergraduate Prize in German Studies and a fund to support students on their year abroad

Fast food now even faster

Fast-food giants, Subway and KFC, can now deliver to your doorstep

Hillary Clinton becomes Mansfield fellow

The former Secretary of State unveiled a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt at the Monday evening event

Push for estranged student policy reform begins

The SU estimate that there are at least 200 Oxford students who are have no family support

Glitterball abandons ‘hideous’ theme

Historical theme accused of "tokenising" LGBT+ liberation movements and Stonewall Riots

Uni harassment cases rise as new support centre opened

There were more complaints of bullying and harassment in the last academic year than in the last five combined

Oxford City Council calls for divestment

Oxford climate groups have renewed calls on the University to fully divest from fossil fuels, after Oxford City Council voted overwhelmingly to disinvest their...

In full: Union term card released for Michaelmas

Just over 35% of speakers openly identify as women* whilst 9% openly identify as LGBTQ+


Gin and tonic’s history might leave you with a bitter taste

Colonialism, empire and disease: this tasty tipple has an interesting story

The Threepenny Opera Preview – ‘promises to be exhilarating’

This term's Playhouse show paints a heightened portrait of the inner-city's criminal underworld.

Brett Kavanaugh’s success is disgraceful

A history of misogyny is a worthy cause for disqualification

Break ups are never easy

Let's not praise OUCA's Bullingdon ban: it's a long time overdue

OUCA introduces Bullingdon ban

The exclusive dining club has been added to a list of "proscribed organisations"