Rhodes Must Fall hits back at new Oxford global history course

The campaign group have derided reports of a new non-European history paper, attacking the University’s continued “narrow and Eurocentric worldview”

Special Oxford funding criticised

A recent report by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has indicated that a number of higher education institutions are sceptical of special arrangements which help fund the Oxbridge tutorial system and its individual interview process.

Memorial scholarship to be created after LMH student dies

A scholarship for African students has been set up in memory of an LMH student who recently died.

Students turn to drugs for exams

Government warning of dangers of 'study drugs' goes unheeded

Oxford students barred from Labour leadership election

The vetting process of the Labour Party's internal election, designed to keep out 'entryists', has affected prominent Oxford left-wingers, provoking heavy criticism

“Fairer” pricing for Trinity rooms

Trinity College introduces differential pricing for student accommodation

Christian Union banned from Balliol freshers’ fair

A JCR motion has condemned the move as a “violation of free speech”

Neknominate hits Oxford

Controversy as international drinking-video fad spreads to Oxford

Anti-Tibetan violence at Anne’s

Dean appeals for help after a student was attacked over a Tibetan flag.


Mohsin Khan compares foreign arthouse to eating cornflakesForeign art-house cinéma: it makes you think of cultured ideas and high-brow creativity. The reality? Boredom, immaturity,...


A separate paper deems feminist philosophy abnormal

Students should question whether the introduction of the paper is necessarily a 'good thing'

Crazy bop at Exeter. But where were all the suckling pigs?

Oxford needs to re-evaluate its disciplinary methods

What’s cooler than Huel?

It seems man can indeed live on Huel alone. The question is, why would he ever want to?

Oxford Men make surprise late change to Boat Race crew

Joshua Bugajski, a veteran of two Boat Races, has been replaced by Benedict Aldous

Feminist philosophy will revolutionise our worldview

The new course is a step towards diversifying philosophy at oxford