Ones to Watch


They always say that good things comes in threes…The theme of the launch party for Design For Living at The Love Bar on Tuesday 27 May is ‘threesomes’ Heavy music isn’t just for the whippersnappers with the spiky collars and poncy numetal T-shirts. Go back to the roots of rock, when heavy metal meant sweaty men with perms and talent. The Phoenix are showing previously unseen footage of bona fide metal hairymen Led Zeppelin for free on Sunday 25 May at 11.30pm. They might even keep the bar open late for all those beer-fuelled ‘I love you, man’ male bonding moments. We always knew Baudelaire was a Frenchman who liked nothing better than to pen verse about corpses and vampirism. Now we get to hear a lecherous professor reading it out loud and making out like it isn’t just glorified smut. Head to the Maison Française at 8pm on Tuesday 27 May for français fetish moments. The word any discerning television watcher-cum-pop-fan can’t hear without writhing on the floor and foaming at the mouth: Darius. Yes, he of Pop Idol ‘fame’ will be gracing the Oxford Apollo with his presence at 7.30 on Saturday 24 May. You’ll probably get kicked out for throwing rotten eggs, but we reckon it’s worth it. Ah, those Hildabeasts know how to put on a good show. Catch some glam action at The New Sound Cabaret, and be amazed by The Clogs and Tania Chen at St Hilda’s on Saturday, 24 May, 8pm.
ARCHIVE: 4th week TT 2003


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