Oh you Pretty Things Old Fire Station Tuesday 21 – Saturday 25 October Crazy postmodernist, absurdist, political, critical, performance art play? It must be Jos Lavery and his cRACK hORSE production company, yet again assaulting the stage with the usual blend of confusing controversial stuff that no one really understands, including the members of cast, and possibly Lavery himself. However this is not the point. The point is Identity. And, apparently, David Bowie’s fascism, not to mention Pizza Express and rape. It’s an ironic, sexualised, post-everything thespian’s wet dream. It’s topical, offensive and obtuse. The premise of the work, is to do with the way that our identities are formed. The virtuoso dialogue which is an exhilarating mass of puns and pop cultural references is the best thing in the play, ripping up the action as it happens. This unforuntately seems to prevent any real sense of character being established and the actors become more like voice pieces for the wordplay than real identities. That said, the cast is experienced and effortlessly breeze around in this kind of physical theatre. Seiriol Davies looks gloriously insane throughout and Sam Butler is brilliantly gormless. The play is, perhaps, best viewed as a series of loosely and thematically interlinked episodes. This model works in the first half but it does unravel into messy pretentiousness towards the end. There will be plenty of people who will not like this play, and many more who will not understand it. The point, however, is not in the understanding. The point is in the trying. Oh You Pretty Things is like a burst of intellectual anarchy in a scene increasingly inclined not to risk experimentation. Go and see something new and exciting, even if you don’t quite get it.ARCHIVE: 1st Week MT2003