Government ministers have been urged to encourage the
replacement of celebrity university chancellors with professional
fundraisers. The initiative is a result of new recommendations from the
Government’s task force on student endowments, which states
that chancellors should be paid, providing they spend several
days a week raising money for their university. The Government is
desperate for British universities to emulate their American
counterparts by becoming effective fundraisers. Chris Patten, the current Oxford Chancellor, who spends the
majority of his time working at the European Commission, is
unlikely to see his job change despite the proposals. Then right
to vote in the election for the life-long post of Oxford
Chancellor is extended to Oxford graduates only, meaning the
Government has no say in the matter. A University spokeswoman
informed Cherwell, “It is unrealistic for a university to
tie its Chancellor down to two or three days a week fundraising.
Currently money is raised through a University bursary initiative
which gives sufficient help to poorer students.”ARCHIVE: 2nd week TT 2004