Christopher (Kit) Nairne, University College, 4th Year, Techie:   Kit is the Freshers and Brookes Rep for TAFF (Tabs Are For Flying – the techies’ society) and has worked on nearly sixty productions in Oxford.What is it that most appeals to you about being a techie?As a Fresher suggested at the fair last Thursday, trying in vain to understand why we do what we do, it’s ‘everything but the glory’. I love being part of the team behind what actually happens, whether that’s plays, musicals, comedy, rock concerts or college balls.How did you first get involved backstage, and how many things have you tried your hand at?I had never done anything much in theatre until I was caught by TAFF at the Freshers’ Fair. I went to their first couple of workshops and fell straight into it. I started mainly working in stage management, but I’m now more often a Lighting Designer and general electrician. I’ve also worked as a production manager, flyman, sound technician, set designer and armourer, and can even be found pretending to act every so often.Oxford techies are notoriously busy: what’s your record for shows worked on in one term?Probably about nine, including my little bits of acting. But it’s the work outside the individual shows that I find more fulfilling. On the TAFF Committee, we spend a huge amount of time trying to make theatre more accessible and better supported for Oxford students, and I’ve put a lot of energy into helping people to get involved.What’s the most impressive project you’ve been involved in?From an experience point of view, definitely the OUDS Japan Tour this summer. However, the play that always sticks in my mind was Accidental Death of an Anarchist at the Playhouse in February. We built an entire twenty-foot high box set, including suspended roof beams which protruded out over the front three rows of the audience.Is teching something you see yourself continuing with after Oxford?Yes, almost certainly: there’s lots of time off, it’s not badly paid for a first job, and I happen to love it as a bonus!ARCHIVE: 1st week MT 2005