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Album: Saving My Face, KT Tunstall

by Elen Griffiths“I’m losing my memory, saving my face…” is the refrain of KT Tunstall’s newly released single, ‘Saving My Face’. “I’m all out of love, all out of faith,” she sings powerfully, “I would give everything, just for a taste”. For a taste of what though? These predictably cryptic lyrics make this song one of Tunstall’s edgy-yet-mainstream songs, placed firmly in the pop genre by the strong beat and guitar riffs.
Tunstall first broke into the music scene with her song ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’, described by her website as a ‘one-woman blues-stomp,’ which wooed the public with its quirky, folksy lyrics and upbeat pace. By comparison, Tunstall’s new song is disappointingly unoriginal; it sounds much like the other mediocre offerings on her first album.
Yet that is what many listeners will like about it: ‘Saving My Face’ intertwines Tunstall’s very distinctive voice with that strong beat,  predictably crescendoing to a powerful chorus at the end. People who really enjoyed Tunstall’s previous albums will have difficulty finding fault with this track; but it is too similar, and the lyrics too predictably edgy, to really hail it as a new and exciting song.

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