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    Elen Griffiths

    Not just a pretty face…

    Elen Griffiths measures the progress of the muse in the 20th century.

    Review: The Tempest

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    Living on the edge of a paper model

    Bored of revision? Try origami.

    Crease and quiet

    Bored with revision? Turn your textbooks into butterflies.

    Album: Saving My Face, KT Tunstall

    by Elen Griffiths“I’m losing my memory, saving my face...” is the refrain of KT Tunstall’s newly released single, ‘Saving My Face’. “I’m all out...

    Elen Griffiths takes exception to trivia collection Toujours Tango

    by Elen GriffithsI am hunting for an impossible word. It is ‘Tantenverführer,’ which literally means ‘aunt-seducer’. I pound through dictionaries, trawl internet translators, then...