Michaelmas officially ends at midnight tonight, so I thought I should finish the term with a piece of good news featured in Die Welt. World-famous polar bear, Knut, is celebrating his first birthday on Wednesday – a year after zoo staff had to bring him up themselves after he was rejected by his mother in the Zoological Gardens in Berlin. After animal rights activists’ calls for the cub to be killed (opposition to the bear being raised by humans… so the solution is to kill it, right?), the zoological fiasco travelled round the world and featured prominently in the foreign press eager to fill those Easter-time gaps. Knut survived the whole caboodle of life-threatening challenges, and I guess it’s now time to celebrate. A wonderful achievement!…by the PR department of Berlin Zoo.

I will be continuing to blog here over the Christmas vacation, but I should just say thank you to Cherwell24 editors Leah Klement and Fiona Wilson for maintaining a brilliant site this term and putting up with my insane desire to post more frequently than Guido Fawkes with Tourette's. And good luck too to the new editor, Selena Wisnom, in her quest to retain this standard. Have a great vacation!

UPDATE: The BBC had this tale on their front page on Wednesday night. You can even see Knut in action here.

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