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Fascist-itis spreads to the continent

In-party rows are contagious. Firstly, late last year:

George Galloway and his supporters have split from Respect. After a week in which he has tried to pretend that the SWP and other socialists were leaving Respect he has announced a rival conference on the same day as the Respect national conference.

Not long till it spread:

Open rebellion is being threatened against the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, from dozens of senior activists. The party has retaliated by expelling two senior members, who it accuses of plotting a coup. BNP officials Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith were kicked out after they were critical of Mr Griffin's style.

And now it's In-fighting Über Alles:

Police searched the headquarters of a German far-right party Thursday… The search of the National Democratic Party's headquarters in Berlin's Koepenick district was part of a probe by prosecutors in Muenster and police in western Germany against the party official, Erwin Kemna, Berlin police spokesman Uwe Kozelnik said. Kemna is being investigated on suspicion of breach of trust against the party.

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