Oxford stormed to their fifth consecutive Varsity victory, with Oxford A taking the win by over a lap from Cambridge A at the sunny Rye House Raceway, London. With Harvey having put the kart on pole, Noble started the race and pulled away from the rest of the field, building up a comfortable lead over the Tabs. After the driver change, Harvey was left with the simple task of bringing the kart home. Dix and Yarwood chased hard for Cambridge, but could not match Noble’s initial pace, falling to a distant second. The final spot on the podium was taken by Oxford’s Gaskell and Senior, whose superb race saw them earn half-blues. Oxford’s Duhig and Bratt were engaged in an extremely close battle until contact between them, and the subsequent black flag for Duhig saw the end of their challenge for honors. By the time Tan and Seretis took to the wheel, there was little that could be salvaged. Despite this, Oxford veteran Davis and his teammate Wootten enjoyed a solid race, taking an excellent fifth place. Meanwhile, Cherwell reporter Kenber enjoyed his first taste of 2-stroke kart racing, gaining a respectable 15th place. He said ‘It was good fun but quite tricky. I span out eight times during the race, and got shunted a lot.’ The teams’ focus will now return to defending their overall position at the top of the national championship, which continues in the coming weeks.by Nikos Seretis