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    Review: Wanted

    Available to buy or rent this week is Wanted, one of the summer’s silliest but undoubtedly most fun action blockbuster.

    Based loosely (very loosely actually; hardcore fans may be scoffing into their popcorn) on the graphic novel by Mark Millar, the film follows boring office-boy James McAvoy as he is told that he is linked by blood to an allegiance of deadly assassins, entrusted to maintain the status quo of good versus evil by killing all those named by a code in the threads of a woven tapestry.

    So far, so bizarre, but suspend your disbelief to allow for evening runs along the tops of moving trains, men with the ability to shoot the wings off flies, and the idea that Angelina Jolie (pictured) would ever fall for James McAvoy, and you might just survive.

    The particular highlight is a superb action sequence which begins at the pharmacy of a supermarket and ends with Jolie driving a car with her feet whilst gunning down a rival assassin. Overall, there are better action films than this Matrix wannabe, but it’s certainly enjoyable enough to see you through a Friday night.

    Three stars

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