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Guy Pewsey

Alphaholics Anonymous

Guy Pewsey tackles his addiction head on meeting perky popsters Alphabeat

Review: Wall-E

Out on DVD November 24

Curtain Up on Drama Cuppers

We preview the dramatic highlight of Michaelmas

Review: Kung fu panda

Out now on DVD

Review: Wanted

Out now on DVD

Review: Eagle Eye

Out 17 October

Interview: Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry talks about his new book and recent inspirational travels around the States.

Brideshead Revisited Review

Could any film appeal more to us Oxford types? Guy Pewsey reviews the cinematic highlight of the new term.

Spot the difference

Guy Pewsey sees through Hollywood's tricks and disguises

If you tolerate this

Guy Pewsey investigates the rise and fall of the child star

May-be not

Guy Pewsey on why the first of May is not a cause for celebration.

Jason Donovon

Guy Pewsey talks Neighbours, drugs and kilowatt smiles with Jason Donovan When we sit on our sofas and watch television, it’s often clear that the...

UNited Kingdom?

First week of Michaelmas stands out as an eventful seven days for all Oxford students. The essays haven’t started and Filth is still cool...

Brideshead revisited, revisited

Thrilled to be an extra for a blockbuster new film, Guy Pewsey soon discovered that silver screen Oxford is not as quaint as it...