Eye Candy: Student Fashion


    Friday of 3rd Week

    Ces, Finalist, Ancient History

    Ces’ Fashion Statement: “The last pair of jeans I actually paid for were almost immediately stolen. What does that tell you about how I see fashion?”

    Ces turned up to Formal Hall wearing this and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of him (when he wasn’t looking) for your perusal. Now, this is going to be an article of clothing which you either love or loathe. But surely it can be agreed that a waistcoat this odd demonstrates, at the very least, considerable flair and a great sense of humour; qualities which are a prerequisite for anybody “fashionable”. The best fashion takes risks, thinks outside of narrow “trend” parameters, and revels in originality.

    So, enjoy what you wear and don’t overthink it. And, Gentlemen, if you have a spare pair of curtains and know someone with a sewing machine, I can suggest what your next Formal Hall “look” should be… though I’m not recommending copying this style straight off, that would slightly defy the point of orginality, wouldn’t it?!



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