Going Up:


Acapella groups are getting record hits on YouTube, and the new TV show ‘Glee’ is making choir semi-cool. Enjoy the good wholesome fun… just don’t try and sing along.

Spice Girls (The Musical)

After their mildly disappointing come back, the Spice Girls are now being given the West End treatment. Let out your inner pre-teen and revisit the glory days..


Underwear, apparently, is the new outwear thanks to Lady Gaga and the new, edgier Rihanna. We’re not quite sure it’s appropriate attire for tutorials, but we’re sure the boys will appreciate this new trend.



No-one quite saw this celebrity trend coming- but we quite fancy a mini pig becoming our new college pet. Move over Mansfield Cat, bring it on Pembroke Pig.

Going Down:

Big Brother

Celebrity BB is still making headlines on BBC News, and auditions are taking place for the last ever series – but does anyone care? Seriously…anyone?


After destroying music, ballroom dancing and overall British dignity with reality TV shows, now, apparently, it is opera’s turn. Pavarotti is turning in his grave. Do us a favour and boycott it.

Hair Gel

Jedward are releasing their debut single and suddenly hair gel is being touted by fashionistas as the new trend for men. Please, ignore them. There should be no such thing as hair trends for men. You can’t be trusted not to take them seriously.

Mating for Life

Even swans are depressed at the prospect of Valentine’s Day. A pair of swans, who usually mate for life, have seperated according to their sanctuary. It’s a big scandal in the animal world… Let’s hope the divorce is amicable.