I like pornography- and that is a brave thing to admit, even in this lefty-liberal world of Oxford. Women, generally, are not supposed to like pornography. The only other times I have cajoled a similar confession from some like-minded women has usually been over the fifth glass of wine and murmured in a hush for fear of anyone hearing. Pornography has for much too long been in the domain of the perverted anorak-wearer brigade and should be something that men and women enjoy without fear of persecution. Objections to pornography come from a broad variety of categories. Most people argue that it damages the ability to form long-lasting relationships and contributes to sexual dysfunction. I would politely refute this accusation with a suggestion that pornography, like most things, is dangerous in excess and the viewing of a few videos occasionally will not render you a sexually-depraved vegetable.

Pornography, after all, has a long and illustrious history. Though pornography as we understand it today didn’t come into existence until the Victorian era, depictions of sexual acts and sexual desire are as old as time itself. How nice it is to be reminded that almost everyone, as far back as history stretches, has been the victim of sexual frustration and that it’s not just our acne-ridden selves.

Pornography is not the most intellectually highbrow of genres, though I fail to see how this is a valid argument against the consumption of it, as in all honesty the ropey plotlines are hardly what interests the pornographic connoisseur. The plotlines, dreadful and predictable as they are, are a delightful form of foreplay, necessary in order to heighten anticipation for the main event.

Pornography is, ultimately, a pleasurable stress-relief, a quick 20-minute break during a stressed essay night when a cup of tea just won’t cut it. It is merely giving into a basic desire and need, and I lament the lack of crossover into mainstream heritage that the porn industry just hasn’t been able to make, despite movies like ‘Deep Throat’ making a courageous attempt. As long as everything is legal and consensual, pornography is much like chocolate, releasing endorphins and stroking our pleasure centres. And all girls love chocolate.