Naked Christ Church second years disrupted the college matriculation photograph on Saturday morning for the second year in a row.
One pair of balaclava-clad male students were seen leapfrogging around the quad where the photo was taking place, while others held a nude picnic on the grass. The picnickers reportedly used just a kettle and a toaster to preserve their modesty.

Female students stripped off at an upstairs window in the quad, with the word ‘SMILE’ written across their torsos.

Such distractions during the matriculation photograph have been a tradition at Christ Church for many years, although wholesale nudity was only introduced last year.

The photographer, from the well-established firm Gillman and Soame, was reportedly considerably angered by the naked students. He was heard to shout “We’re trying to take a picture here!” at the leapfrogging men.

The majority of freshers are said to have enjoyed watching the spectacle. However, one first year graduate student said that he had found the experience “scarring”.

Although the stunts were observed by porters, custodians and college staff, those involved are not thought to be facing disciplinary action.
The Christ Church Junior Censor, Dr Ian Watson, has yet to contact students about the incident.

The college’s ‘Blue Book’, which contains details of its rules and regulations, makes no mention of protocols regarding nudity in over 26,000 words.

The spectacle is rumoured to have been orchestrated by a member of the JCR Committee. However the JCR President, Matt Barrett, denied any prior knowledge of events.

The committee released a statement saying, “Saturday morning was just one of those bizarre moments when a group of people spontaneously decide to strip off.

“There was absolutely no previous agreement or consensus to that effect, although it did liven up what is otherwise quite a tedious morning.”

A third year medic said, “The best part of the experience was seeing the smiles on the old Deans’ faces.”

None of those involved in the nudity were available for comment. The identity of the leapfroggers is still uncertain, despite the fact that one of their balaclavas became dislodged during their tour of the quad.
At last year’s photograph, a masked nudist somersaulted into Mercury, the famous Christ Church fountain.

The relocation of the photograph to Peckwater Quad this year was thought to be designed to prevent such incidents .