Travel company Scott Dunn have pulled the plug on their sponsorship of the Varsity Ski Trip following revelations about student antics in the Valley Rally competition.

Scott Dunn awarded the winners of the trip’s Valley Rally a free 5-star skiing holiday in Austria, but were alarmed to find out that the competitors had participated in a variety of dubious challenges in order to win.

Activities witnessed as part of the competition included smashing an egg “in the most imaginative manner possible”, posing for pictures whilst naked and covered in pasta sauce and chocolate and eating “yellow snow” in front of large crowds of people.

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A high proportion of students dropped out of the competition, which had been hailed as “a great afternoon on the slopes” on the Varsity twentyten website, upon seeing what the challenges would involve.
The top three prizes all went to Oxford teams, with the eventual champions all coming from St Anne’s.

One of the winners told Cherwell, “I think I may have got hypothermia but it was definitely worth it,” whilst another said, “I sold my dignity for a free holiday”.

In a statement to The Sunday Telegraph, the travel company said, “Scott Dunn recently learnt of reported bad behaviour by some of the participants of the Varsity Trip’s Valley Rally.

“Scott Dunn in no way endorses any of the inappropriate behaviour reported.”

They continued, “The organisers of the Valley Rally and Varsity Trip did not inform Scott Dunn of the nature of the challenges throughout the negotiations for sponsorship.

“Scott Dunn will be honouring the prize as per our agreement but will have no future involvement in the Varsity Trip and Valley Rally.”

St Anne’s students are also facing repercussions within their college. The Dean has requested to see all St Anne’s students who went on the Varsity trip next week in order to discuss the behaviour of those involved.

The combined Oxbridge trip took place in December in the Val Thorens resort in France. The trip was also notable for a coach crash involving many Oxford students on their way to the Alps.