St Catz JCR elections for treasurer had be be recast because of electoral malpractice.

Cherwell was informed that the IT Officer had leaked ballot results to a first-year Physicist who was running for the position of treasurer before the ballot closed on Tuesday night.
An anonymous source told Cherwell, “The IT rep told his friend – running for the position – the way the voting was looking before the ballot had closed. He is able to see the exact list of those who have voted, including names.”
An email was sent to the JCR from Aidan Clifford, on Tuesday St Cat’s JCR president stating, “I hope you have all been busy exercising your democratic right to elect the committee you deem best, brightest and as keen as buttons.”
“As President, it is my responsibility to monitor elections as the JCR’s Returning Officer. In this capacity I may intervene and reset elections I consider compromised.”

“Unfortunately, this year’s ballot for the position of Treasurer falls under this category. I will be resetting the vote and reopening it at 10 am tomorrow. I emphasise that you should vote as you see best. This situation will be avoided in the future.”
When contacted by Cherwell, Clifford declined to comment.
The IT officer stated “Official JCR meeting will be held on Sunday. Until this moment I don’t have a right to give any official comments on the situation.
‘From my personal point of view the leakage was not intentional and didn’t cause any changes in the elections. Election for the Treasurer position were reset in order to eliminate even the slightest possibility of unfairness.”
Votes were recast on Wednesday and results are still to be announced. Neither of the candidates were disqualified, nor was there any action taken against Hinel.
One St Catz student commented “I was really surprised when I heard about the problems with the elections. Catz generally has a very relaxed, uncompetitive environment and both candidates are generally decent guys.”
Both prospective Treasurer candidates were contacted by Cherwell and declined to comment.

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