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Oxford Union Standing Committee member resigns

Katherine Connolly, a member of the Oxford Union Standing Committee, has resigned from the society, because of what she described as an “untenable” work environment.

In a statement to Cherwell, she commented, “I really care about the Union, and I don’t think anyone could accuse me of not ‘wanting enough’ to be involved. That said, the behaviour of some members of this society has been so completely intolerable that I cannot continue to represent this society as I’d want to.

“This is not a problem inherent to the society – it is a select group of people creating a work environment that I found untenable. I know Dom will do a great job, and I hope that the behaviour of a few will not put people off getting involved.”

She tendered her resignation at a Consultative Committe meeting on Monday afternoon. She will be replaced by Dominic Merchant of New College.

Ben Sullivan, President of the Oxford Union, told Cherwell, “The Union appreciates all of Ms Connolly’s hard work, and the committee and staff are very sorry to hear of her decision to step down. The Society strives to create a positive working environment for all of those involved in its running. I look forward to working with Dom and I am sure he will do an excellent job.”

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