21:10 Marine Le Pen has left the building


21:02 As students are moved down Cornmarket, there appears to be some sort of confrontation between activists and police


20:56 Some speculation regarding the departure of Le Pen

 20:47 Human blockade of police. Activists being dragged off the road as they get in the way of police vans


20:29 Protesters on Cornmarket showing no signs of moving. How will the Union get Le Pen safely out of the building?

20:23 With protest dissipating, students react to the content of Le Pen’s speech


20:21 Protesters still braving the cold on Cornmarket


20:15 Picture appears to show protester scaling the fence of the Union

20:01 Protesters move to Purple Turtle 


19:54 It was a big night out for the Oxford left 

19:43 Rumours abound that Le Pen was snuck into the Oxford Union through the Purple Turtle. This is unverified 

19:28 Tough times for Oxford students 

19:25 The protest still seems to be going strong outside. Latest update the SWP was apparently serenading OUCA with chants of ‘OUCA join us. We love you’ while OUSU kept their distance 

19:13 For the linguists among you, you can read Le Pen’s speech in French on her Twitter account 

19:02 Le Pen opens with discussion of freedom of speech, discussing the importance of being able to speak without fear, especially in light of the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks 

18:59 Le Pen has finally entered the chamber!


18:58 Cherwell has heard reports Le Pen has entered the chamber

18:57 Emergency debate announced addressing events unfolding outside the chamber

18:52 Getting rowdy and impatient in the chamber as attendees told they must stay “for their safety”


18:42 @TheOxStu we are!


18:38 Reports surfacing that protesters managed to enter the Union 


18:35 Some students still resolute outside the Union, others not so patient

18:32 Protest still going strong 

18:20 Members of the Union stuck outside

18:18 Cherwell understands that nobody is being allowed to leave the chamber

18:14 Oxford Times release pictures of anarchists in balaclavas at the gates of the Union

18:10 As some Oxford students gather to protest, others have different priorities…


18:08 As protest heats up, there’s still no sign of police on site

18:04 More photos emerging of the attempt to breach the Union gates

18:03 Still no sign of Marine Le Pen in the chamber

17:58 Local councillors address the crowd

17:54 Watch events unfold from Rutply’s live stream outside the Union


17:48 “We are all migrants” banner unfurled


17:47 Cherwell has heard that some protestors are attempting to enter the Union

17:46 Students speak to Channel 4 about why they are coming to her Le Pen speak tonight


17:40 The entrance to the Union is being blocked by protesters holding anarchist flags


17:33 A French deportee addresses the crowd 

17:28 Ex-OUSU President Tom Rutland champions the power of open debate


17:25 Crowd still growing on St.Michael’s Street

17:21 OUSU President Louis Trup tells Cherwell, “I don’t like Unite Against Fascism, but I don’t like Marine Le Pen either.”

17:19 Protest heating up as crowd begins to chant

17:17 Reports emerging that press are not being allowed in to tonight’s talk

17:11 Around 200 people currently outside the Union


17:06 Crowds gathering and plenty of press on the scene


17:00 A call to arms as the protest kicks off

16:53 Crowd begins to gather at the Union

16:47 Spiked Online already lamenting the absence of free speech on campus

16:35 With half an hour to go before the protests, the anticipation is building. Oxford protests have today drawn the attention of the national media, including The Guardian and The Independent





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