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#KanyeinOxford: Live Blog

16:18 Despite the fact Kanye left 20 minutes ago, Kanye fever has yet to abate. Here’s the best we’ve seen before we sign out. Thanks for joining us on this emotional journey  

16:09 Not everyone has reacted as positively as Oxford students

16:07 Confusion still reigns that Oxford University invited Kanye as a guest lecturer  

16:00 Now for gossip from the talk 

15:53 And with that Kanye has left the building 

15:52 He makes a good point

15:51 Kanye on Kim’s cosmetics line

15:50 Well thank God for that

15:45 And hip hop rivalry

15:42 Kanye gives his thoughts on capitalism  

15:40 Let’s get betting 

15:36 Kanye attempts to be a philosophy lecturer 

15:33 We can’t quite believe it either  

15:28 And his thoughts on UK politics

15:25 And the Matrix.. 

15:22 Fine art is a topic of conversation apparently 

15:17 Rumours abound about what Kanye will talk about. Perhaps his tweets can offer some inspiration 

15:16 Reports say Kanye is in the building 

15:12 Still no word on Kanye. Oxford students wax lyrical on the event

 15:08 And from inside..


15:05 Official photographs of the queue outside the talk


15:03 The Oxford Musuem of Natural History has allegedly been closed to the public for the talk 

15:01 Updates from inside the museum, despite the no phone rule

15:00 Still no sign of Kanye

14:55 Desperation mounts with five mins to go

14:49 Louis Trup is one of the lucky ones 

14:46 1,800 students balloted for tickets by 12.30am with varying success

 14:43 Oxford students lament that their degrees don’t include Kanye West modules

14:38 Jealousy both in and out of Oxford of ticketholders 

14:33 The rapper is in high demand

14:30 With half an hour to go, the talk has drawn the attention of the national media, with coverage from the The Evening Standard and BBC Oxford



14:29 Read about the dramatic announcement of the talk last night here


Cherwell brings you the latest news throughout today’s much anticipated talk. 

If you want to have your say, tweet us @Cherwell_Online or use the hashtag #kanyeinoxford and we’ll publish the best of the bunch on here.


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