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Brian Lara to speak at the Oxford Union

It’s a week until the official Union speaker release and the hacks are no good at keeping secrets. Here’s eight speakers to whet your appetite. For the full, accurate and confirmed term card, check out the first Cherwell of term which comes out on Friday.

1. Brian Lara

This news hit us for six. Widely acknowledged as one of the greatest batsmen ever, the former West Indian international player was the first person to ever score a quintuple hundred. 


2. Hilary Swank

It’s the million dollar baby herself. World-renowned actress and producer, Swank is best known for her roles in Million Dollar BabyBoys Don’t Cry and PS I Love You.


3. Alexandra Shulman

Hot on the heels of Anna Wintour, her British counterpart is next to grace the halls of the Union this term.


4. Piers Morgan

Looks like he’s been deported back to the UK after all. Love or hate him, maybe we’ll get to hear his life story for once.


5. Dynamo

He’s not quite Jesus but he can walk on water. In 2011 the self-proclaimed magician impossible was photographed and videotaped apparently walking on the River Thames. What will he do at the Union?


6. Nicola Benedetti

Enchanting and dynamic, this Scottish violinist has enthralled audiences since the age of 13. 


7. Warwick Davis

Best known for his roles in Star Wars, The Leprechaun, Harry Potter and Willow, Davis has historically been very open about his struggles with dwarfism and raising a family. 


8. Bill Maher

A host on HBO, this American stand-up comedian is a satirist, writer, producer, political commentator, television host, actor, media critic, and stand-up comedian all rolled into one. 








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