RE: Urgent rehearsal schedule!!!
So I just wanted to say what an amazing job everybody’s been doing so far, but we have a few issues to take care of…

So we kinda forgot to mention but tomorrow we have the opening night. And like I know the first night is just like a dry run, but still its probably best if we knew at least some of the lines. Now I know what you’re gonna say after we told you we were going to make a really different kind of a production with no rules and boundaries. The thing is, as useful as it was to connect with your childhood by nostalgia binging on ‘Mr Brightside’ during rehearsal, the management of the theatre said if we go too (literally) off book they’ll sue us… Talk about the #patriarchy right? Don’t worry, tho I’ve got the OUSU strike squad booked for a hit after our run is finished. Anyway I’ve put together an intensive schedule to get back on track .

11:00: Wake up
12:00: Group brunch, bitch about who 
slept with who after yesterday’s rehearsal

13:00: Watch the Polanski version of Macbeth

15:00: Watch the Orson Wells version of Macbeth

15:30: The director will read through his sixth form essay ‘Shakespeare and Society’ followed by a live Q and A on Twitter and an intensive discussion group

16:00: Photos with the director and his essay, (limited edition signed copies will be on offer)

16:30: Loose leaf tea break at TSK (no cof- fee on the day of the show!)

18:00: Post rehearsal yoga de stress

Open to suggestions afterwards, maybe we can go to Blackwell’s and pick up some scripts before the show??