You’ve all had scrambled eggs before. You all know that unless you add a heap of butter, salt and pepper, they can be a bit bland. On a trip to Istanbul, I had these Turkish scrambled eggs and have never looked back. The ideal post-Plush hangover brekkie or indeed a lovely lunch.

3 eggs (per person, be greedy)
Dollop of cream cheese
2 finger chillies
3 cloves of garlic (sizeable ones, be indulgent)
1 spring onion
3-4 cherry tomatoes drained of any seeds/juice
Paprika, salt, pepper, dill, coriander and olive oil


1. Whisk up the eggs and cream cheese – don’t worry, the cream cheese will never really mix in, but remain in globules. Chop up the chillies (removing the seeds) and the garlic cloves and put in a cold non-stick(!!!) frying pan with the olive oil. Turn the heat on so that the garlic and chilli infuses into the olive oil as it gets warmer.

2. Cut up the spring onions and cherry tomatoes and add them, stirring the vegetables to prevent them burning. Try not to get too much tomato juice in the mixture, since it will prevent the eggs properly cooking. Once that’s soft, add the egg mixture along with the spices, salt and pepper and keep stirring until the mixture is all cooked.

3. This is best served with brown pitta, I have found. Toast them and then rip in half to make pouches to put the eggs in. Alternatively, throw it all on top of a buttery bagel or toast for extra indulgence.