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Webber wins Union election by over 600 votes

Stuart Webber has won the election for Union President by 613 votes after the highest turnout in years.

He defeated rival candidate Zuleyka Shahin with 1055 votes to Shahin’s 442.

All four Officer roles and four out of the five places on Standing Committee went to candidates on his #STEP slate.

11 candidates were elected to Secretary’s Commitee, the top six of whom came from #STEP. Three candidates from #NOWorNEVER were elected to Secretary’s Committee.

This is the first Union election to be held under new rules which allowed online campaigning and the formation of slates.

Results are below. (N) designates members of the #NOWorNEVER slate; (S) designates members of #STEP.


Stuart Webber (S): 1055

Zuleyka Shahin (N): 442

RON: 50


Niamh Coote (S): 948

Oliver Quie (N): 417

RON: 64


Noah Lachs (S): 850

Brenda Njiru (N): 511

RON: 62


Ssuuna Golooba-Mutebi (S): 1138

RON: 171

Standing Committee:

Henna Dattani (S): 332

Mia Smith (S): 242

Tim Cannon (N): 187

Callum Tipple: (S): 187

Jonathan Tan (S): 165

The STEP slate commented the following on their election success, “We’d like to thank you all so much for voting yesterday – we never could have dreamt of winning with such margins, and we owe it all to the help, support and love of everyone. We apologise for the incessant spamming but we hope you think it was worth it. Sadly, not all of the team made it on, but everyone gave it their all and, for that, we are eternally grateful. Thanks so much once again, and we look forward to producing an extraordinary programme of events at the Union over the next two terms.”

Shahin has been contacted for comment.

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