This is a very popular use of cauliflower around the world. Frying cauliflower gives it a more interesting and much tastier crunch and bite which the boiled and cheesed varieties seemingly lack. Specifically this is very popular in Israeli and diaspora Jewish cuisine, and is a good meal to do when you’re both on a budget and or interested in a more vegetarian diet. Serves 4.


1 cauliflower (1/4 per person)

1-2 chilli (or more, depends on how spicy you want it, of course!)

Coriander (spice)



Water and vegetable stock

Olive oil, salt and pepper

Mix up a small cup’s worth of vegetable stock. Chop the cauliflower into its florets, which break apart naturally as you handle the vegetable. Drain the florets, removing as much stem as possible, since it is hard and difficult to cook. Chop the garlic and chilli and add to oil; fry the chilli and garlic along with the spices, salt and pepper until the pan is very hot. Put in the cauliflower, coat it in the spices and add the stock. Once all the water had evaporated, there are two possibilities. Either the cauliflower will not be soft enough to eat nicely and you must add a drop more water, or the cauliflower will begin crisping by itself and will begin to smell of light burning, like chesnuts roasting on an open fire. Do not worry, this is what you want. After a few minutes of alternately leaving the cauliflower to crisp and preventing it from burning, the cauliflower should take on a texture like chips. Once it is crisped all the way around, it’s ready. Enjoy!