Interview: William Adoasi


Tell us a bit about your brand and what you do

Vitae London is a watch brand birthed out of London, England with a global reach. Our elegant yet simplistic watches can be worn all year round for any occasion and would suit anyone from the sophisticated city worker to the trendy hipster.

Why did you choose to name the company “vitae”?

Vitae simply means life and our vision as a brand is to create products that change lives and leave a lasting impact for generations to come. Every time a Vitae London watch is bought a child is supported through education for a year in Africa.

What was your inspirations behind the watch designs?

I’m inspired by the classic simplistic watch brands of yesteryear. I wanted to create a brand with the look and feel of these brands but at an accessible price point.

What are your plans for the company in the future?

Our immediate target for 2016 is to impact 1000 lives, the reports we hear of lives changed makes the work we do meaningful. In the future we are planning to expand our range of watches and research into other accessories.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to start a company in accessories?

The market is very saturated so make sure your product is meaningful and has a unique selling point. Researching the market and the key players is imperative.

What does a normal day look like as director/manager of a watch company?

Every single day for me is varied and unique, due to the fact we are within our first year of trading I’m having to constantly churn out new content and season specific campaigns. A lot of time is dedicated also to business development and ensuring I forge relationships with retail outlets both online and in store.


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