At Pembroke’s JCR meeting, a motion was proposed to signal the commencement of every JCR meeting with a song entitled ‘The JCR Theme Tune’, composed by two Pembroke students. The two students in question were Pembroke’s own JCR President, Joseph ‘DJ’ McShane, and their JCR Treasurer, Nathan Wragg. The motion was passed with one amendment. 

The motion was proposed by the Pembroke Publications Officer, Millie McLuskie, and seconded by their JCR Vice-President, Charlotte Lanning. McShane, explaining the origins of the motion, told Cherwell, “Ready for the Fresher’s arrival in 2015, Myself and the JCR Treasurer Nathan Wragg composed a brief (but excellent) Garage- Band song to accompany our almost cultish JCR Committee introduction video. 

“I sneak this song into all my bop sets – however, it usually falls upon ears that do not recognise it. It was from here that the motion was proposed.” 

Despite overwhelming support for the idea of a theme tune, JCR President and composer ‘DJ’ McShane proposed an amendment. McShane suggested hosting a “Garage- Band or Windows equivalent” competition to decide the JCR Theme Tune for the coming year. Wragg and McShane have stated that they intend on entering their original. 

McShane continued, “The winning mix has to have a ‘radio edit’ that will be used to open JCR OGMs, and an ‘Extended Bop Mix’ that will of course be played at every bop.” 

The motion described the composition by ‘DJ’ McShane and Nathan Wragg as a ‘stellar composition’ and noted that it should be ‘‘more widely used in JCR aff airs (it being sadly overlooked during DJ McShane’s bop sets by amateur ears.)” 

A Pembroke second year told Cherwell, “ I feel this motion is a bit silly. It is naturally very funny. But silly, nonetheless. Suppose being silly never hurt anyone though.”