The letter below was sent out by now-former leading figures in the Oxford Guild, a prestigious student society at the University. The Guild has now published a response.


It was signed by the following members, 16 in total, of the club’s senior committee in a move that could cripple the Guild:

Nikita Gladilin, Vice President of Sponsorship 

Shakeel Hashim, Vice President of Speakers

Nathan Caldecott, Creative Lead

Jakub Labun, Intranet Coordinator,

Wesley Nelson, Law Coordinator,

Eliz Melkonyan, Guild Ball President

Jack Laing, Commitee, Entrepreneurship

Hussein Daginawalla, Committee, Sponsorship Team

Jason Kwong, Committee, Sponsorship Team

Kazia Tam, Committee, Sponsorship Team

Scott Menzies, Committee, Sponsorship Team

Loris Raimo, Committee

Gabriel Robek-Zackon, Committee

Aurelia Vandamme, Committee

Isaac Kang, Committee

Jihood Kim, Committee