Oxford NUS delegate and former OULC co-Chair David Klemperer has been excluded from the Labour Party.

In an email chain seen by Cherwell, the Labour Party Compliance Officer describes the Notice of Poll in Oxford showing “a David Klemperer having nominated a LD [Liberal Democrat candidate] in Carfax ward” in the recent City Council elections.

The candidate nominated by Klemperer was Harry Samuels, a fellow Oxford NUS delegate who has campaigned strongly for Oxford to disaffiliate from the NUS.

Alex Chalmers, who sparked the anti-Semitism scandal in OULC, would also have been suspended from the Party
Alex Chalmers, who sparked the anti-Semitism scandal in OULC, would also have been suspended from the Party

Nominating candidates from other parties is contrary to Labour Party rules. The Party has sent Klemperer a letter informing him of his suspension and leaving him 14 days to appeal.

A spokesperson of the Party confirmed this information and told Cherwell, “The Labour Party has written to David Klemperer and an investigation is currently underway.”

Alex Chalmers, the former OULC co-Chair who resigned in February over concerns of anti-Semitism in the Club was also named in the email chain seen by Cherwell.

Describing Chalmers as one of the “two who instigated the anti-Semitism row at OULC,” the emails confirm that Chalmers would also have been suspended from the Labour Party had he not already cancelled his membership of the Party just “a few days after he resigned as co-Chair of OULC”.

Public records show that Chalmers, like Klemperer, also nominated Harry Samuels as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Carfax ward.

The controversy comes just days after the release of Baroness Royall’s investigation into anti-Semitism in OULC, which found no evidence of “institutional anti-Semitism” in the Club.

Controversially, however, the details of alleged individual incidents of anti-Semitism in OULC were withheld from publication in the report. The full details of the investigation into the individual instances of antisemitism are expected to be published in the coming months as part of the Chakrabarti report.

No individuals have yet been suspended from the Labour Party as a result of Royall’s investigation.

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