1) Shop the sale at Neal’s Yard Remedies – and pick up a free bag

A beauty industry favourite, Neal’s Yard Remedies began trading in December 1981 and have featured on the bathroom shelves of well-informed individuals ever since. The company’s 20% off sale ends at 9am on Friday (http://www.nealsyardremedies.com/home), but if you’re looking to revamp your entire skincare collection you can still benefit from a free tote bag for orders over £30 until Sunday.

2) Join the #CampaignForClarity

The horse meat scandal of 2013 forced the food industry and the government to respond to the public’s demand for transparency in food production. When it comes to the beauty industry, however, people are still left in the dark about the ingredients in their beauty products. Join the conversation surrounding transparency and the beauty industry by using the #CampaignForClarity hashtag on social media.

3) Get The Soil Association Beauty Box (worth £75) for only £20

If, like the rest of us, you’re on a budget but you would still like to try organic beauty for yourself, try the Soil Association Beauty Box (buy it here at: https://box.you.co.uk/luxury-boxes/soil-association-beauty-box-2016). For £20 you get 7 products to try, allowing you to sample facial oils, serums and beauty balms without unsettling any delicate bank balances.

4) Look Out for the Logo


There is little legislation surrounding the use of the word ‘natural’ in beauty advertising, so be aware that many beauty products labelled ‘natural’ will be anything but. In order to be certified Soil Association organic, however, there are strict requirements that have to be met – 95% of all ingredients must be organic for a product to be labelled ‘organic’, while 10% of all ingredients in a product must be organic if a company wants to use the phrase “made from organic ingredients” on its packaging. Taking advertising with a pinch of salt – and looking out for the Soil Association’s logo – are great first steps for becoming more informed about the beauty products you buy.