Laura Trott and Jeremy Irons among speakers at Oxford Union

Cherwell guides you through the need-to-know names speaking at the Oxford Union this term.

Jeremy Irons. The Academy Award-winning star of The Lion King, Reversal of Fortune and Brideshead Revisited will speak on Wednesday, 26th October at 8pm. Fresh from his role as Alfred in Batman vs Superman, he is also a goodwill ambassador for the UN.

Stephen Hawking, Laura Trott and Jeremy Irons are just some of the big names that will appear at the Oxford Union this term, among an array of politicians, entertainers and other public figures. But amidst the furore of Freshers’ Week and impending essay crises, are you short of time to choose which talks to queue for, and which to skip? If so, fear not; Cherwell has chosen its top six picks out of this term’s Union speakers. Click on the images below to find out more.

The full Oxford Union termcard can be found here.


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