Lola Lo’s on a Sunday is not a night out that would inspire much faith or optimism in any discerning Oxonian club-goer. However, on this occasion, it managed to at least attain a modicum of enjoyability through cleverly exploiting the ignorance of these silly Freshers. As it was the first night that most Freshers arrived, energy levels were high (fuelled by £1 Jägerbombs). I think it would be fair to say that it was a far more lively event than most buried deep in the exhaustion of mid-term blues.
The Regent’s Park and Exeter Freshers definitely seemed to be having a good time (the primary contingents of the night), and for that, Lola’s deserves some recognition. In spite of the slightly sharky atmosphere, the club maintained a friendly atmosphere; perhaps more by accident than design, but still a noteworthy occurence. However, some problems are too fundamental to ignore — Lola’s will always be the club of last resort, a fact that should be well noted by any freshers uncertain as to the nature of this low-ceilinged hell-hole. It still felt grimy, still quite empty, and still playing that most generic kind of club music which characterises the worst of Oxford nights. If this seems like hyperbole, then that’s because it probably is — in its defence, these music choices were quite harmless and mindlessly enjoyable. Considering most people were mindlessly drunk, the fact that they were enjoying themselves was, therefore, explainable in spite of the dubious surroundings. A somewhat enjoyable night.